Kevin Max rocks San Antonio

Kevin Max
AT&T Centre, Texas
March 31, 2006
On March 31st in San Antonio Texas Kevin Max proved once again why he is destined for a sensational general market music career as a follow-up to the success he enjoyed with one of international music's most successful ever bands, dcTalk. By the time he hit full stride with his surrealistic The Imposter Max had a mosh pit full of fans clamoring to get closer to the stage.

Close to 1,000 fans joined Max and his backup band for an open air concert on the terrace of the stadium following the San Antonio Rampage hockey game. The concert was staged in conjunction with Greg Carnes the most prominent promoter of Christian concerts in Texas. The night was billed as Faith Night.

As the singer crooned "Turn on your electric heart today" it became a metaphor for the electric current that ran straight from his lips to the hearts of the fans that turned out on this hot evening under the stars. Max has often been criticized for his flamboyant stage presentation but it struck a chord with his audience which was a blend of church goers and those who just dug his music.

Max introduced the song "Hallelujah" by saying, "You have to do what the people want. Forget about our set you have to give the people what they want." Several in the crowd had been yelling out requests for the song prior to his announcing that he would sing it.

The first riffs and words of "Twenty-First Century Darlings" met with a raucous cheer from Max's fans. As he broke into the hard rock song the crowd raised the decibel level as their voices sang along to the familiar beat.

The only disappointing feature of the concert was the poor sound engineering. It was a sub par audio performance and this stellar artist deserved better.

Writer: Joe Montague

Photo:Joe Montague

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