Mute Math Sweats out the Beats

Mute Math
The Orpheum, Tampa, FL
March 4, 2006
The air was thick with anticipation as a crowd gathered outside of the Orpheum in the sultry streets of Ybor City. We arrived in time to see the tail end of a local band play a few songs and tapped our toes through Vedera, who do have a sort of Venus Hum vibe to them (minus the electronica), but all had nothing on the headliners who have been known for encouraging dedicated crowds at their action packed live shows across North America. Mute Math are stars of the small stage, they have a certain retro appeal to their look, what instruments they use, and how they get the crowd involved in the excitement of the music itself.

They hit the "stage" (or platform beside their gear if you're trying to visualize) in the packed, non-air conditioned Orpheum, and to this Canadian (used to non-smoking clubs), that would have been enough heat, so thank goodness only a few people started smoking or I would've had to call a fire truck to free us all from the suffocating sardine can. Mute Math graciously went on in time to rouse the crowd with "Reset", and many a fan at the bar or standing by the stage were jumping up and down shouting the words to the classic new track "Chaos".

Paul Meany was the Chris Martin of the club, plugging away at his piano, jumping on it with his red keytar, and at one point their unique instrument, the Atari (created to release Space Invader sounds) was waved around the front row and was eventually passed off for the audience to check out; now that's trust from the band to the audience that's rarely seen.

The band's whole sound was tight and excellent, so great that eventually it may sound to fans who have seen them several times to be a tad over-rehearsed. Meany definitely makes up for it all with his improv jazzy musicianship, and the impromptu break beat session the band performed mid-set was a welcomed refreshment adored by all.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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