Scott Stapp Greets TO with Arms Wide Open

Scott Stapp
Opera House
March 7, 2006
When looking for a parking spot, I notice that the line in front of the Opera House was beginning to build and wrap around the venue. This appeared to be a good sign that Scott Stapp had a loyal fan base in Toronto.

As we went through security I could hear some people asking each other if they thought that it would be as good as Creed was live. At first the crowd was not too into the show, but then Scott asked everyone to raise their hands and about 30 people did, but by about the 20-minute mark I think most of the crowd was digging it and they had smiles all around which was good to see. Scott did a nice variation on some of his songs and a few older ones that had the rest of the hesitant concertgoers smiling to the music, which they loved. Scott and his band began with more up beat and jumpy tracks in which you could raise your hand to the drum beat and bring back the days of old, but there were also songs that slowed down the tempo and allowed you to bask in the talent of Stapp's trademark vocals.

The only draw back to the night was some colourful words mixed in with the introduction of some of the songs, other then that it was a great live show with a lot of stage presence. The show made you feel like you were getting together with a couple hundred of your closest friends and that was a great feeling to walk away with in the end.

Writer: Kyle Smyth

Photo:Breaking Point (openers)

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