The Hollows Rock out

The Hollows
NOW Lounge
January 28, 2006
With melodic undertones reminiscent of Zuckerbaby and Maroon 5, though not as saccharine, The Hollows kept their rock heartbeat strong during Saturday night's performance at the NOW lounge. The Toronto based independents, have been a band for a while, but in the current configuration only a short time. They added a twelve string acoustic for flavour, that interestingly did not get lost in the otherwise plugged in mix. Their radio ready songs kept audiences in a great mood with lyrics that everyone can smile along to. The ripped up exposed brick as the backing for the band added to their relatability, making it feel like you were hanging out in your best friend's basement and kept that rock and roll feeling going. The relaxed atmosphere made it easy to feel like you were discovering a band that lived down the block that you couldn't believe were just down the street. Maintaining audience attention with sarcastic banter between songs, the only really disappointing thing was their short forty minute set. Things can only get better for these talents.

You can catch The Hollows at Sneaky Dee's on February 23.

Writer: Heather Rayment

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