Rebekah Higgs Gets Applause in the East

Rebekah Higgs
Staynerís Warf, Halifax
January 28, 2006
In a city the size of Halifax, finding promising and talented musicians is like a gem in a minefield. Rebekah Higgs is exactly that, a gem. A gifted young female just beginning her musical career, she has begun to pave the way for a long and eventful journey. Described as original, engaging and poetic, Rebekah has found a unique but comfortable sound and image for herself, a daunting task for any young woman in the music industry. Her performance on Saturday night at Stayner's Warf in Halifax was no exception. Accompanied by the equally as talented Thom Knowles, and special guests Geoff Fifield and Kamel Sampara from the band The Contact, Rebekah performed with a sense of genuineness which shone through her entire set. Soft harmonies and vocals was the flavour of the night as she tackled varying styles from alternative rock to country. Her rendition of 'Strawberry Wine' originally sung by Deana Carter, hit the audience with raw emotion and a sense of nostalgia which could be seen in Rebekah's eyes. Her sweet yet real voice is reminiscent of Lisa Loeb, Feist and the new Scottish sensation KT Tunstall. Her fresh sound is completely lovable. With a promising beginning underway not only does Rebekah have a lot to look forward to, but so do we.

Rebekah's debut CD, Road to Eden was released in the fall of 2005 and has received significant praise and success. You can find more information about her at

Writer: Angelica Blenich

Photo:Angelica Blenich

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