Planets Conspire with Meligrove Band

Meligrove Band
Mod Club
January 13, 2006
The truth is Canadians weren't always appreciated in the music industry. Bands like Neil Young and Rush worked hard for Canadian bands to be taken more seriously. Now that half the world is crazy about Broken Social Scene and Stars, another band is ready to impress us. Meet the Meligrove Band, made up of 20-somethings Jason Nunes, Darcy Rego, Andrew Scott and Michael Small.
Meligrove Band has been together nearly ten years and while seeing them on stage or listening to their album, it is apparent these musicians are passionate. Friends with fellow Toronto bands Death From Above 1979 and Billy Talent, Meligrove Band aren't exactly unnoticed in the music scene. Their last album Let It Grow won the praise of critics and while under Ductape Records in 2000, they released their debut album Stars and Guitars.

After four years of taking breaks and writing new material, Meligrove released their new CD Planets Conspire in Canada on January 17. Meligrove Band's all-ages CD release party took place at Mod Club in Toronto. Opening for them was The Old Soul and Spitfires and Mayflowers, who played a decent set, waking up the audience and getting them ready for Meligrove.

Planets Conspire is an intense and unique eleven-track album; once it's in your CD player, you won't want to take it out, because the music is danceable and easy to connect with. Besides having great guitar rhythms, the songs are also layered with synth, trumpet, and piano. During the live show, all of the band members added their own personality into each instrument.

Jason Nunes is an expressive singer and although he sat playing the keyboard most of the show, his presence was endearing. Andrew Scott's trumpet harmonies is a fun addition to their music, and both drummer Darcy Rego and bassist Michael Small put forth a lot of energy. Every time Meligrove played a great song, an even greater one came next. Meligrove Band will be playing on February 2 in Guelph, ON at the Bookshelf Ebar with Evan Gorgan and the Sad Clowns.

Here is the track list for Planets Conspire:

1. Isle of Yew
2. Planets Conspire
3. Grasshoppers in Honey
4. Everyone's a Winner
5. Feversleep
6. Ages & Stages
7. Our Love Will Make the World Go Round
8. I'm Easy
9. Free on the Air
10. You're Alive
11. Delivered From All Blindness of Heart

Writer: Mindi St. Amand

Photo:Mindi St. Amand

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