Are you ready to dance?

Reuben Morgan
October 14, 2005
There was nothing particularly noteworthy about the guy who placidly walked on stage dressed in baggy jeans, brown jacket and sand colored crew neck tee shirt. Reuben Morgan and the other band members went over to their guitar stands and picked up their instruments while drummer Paul Maybury took his seat behind the drum kit. The first chords of "Hear Our Praises" emanated from the belly of Morgan's Rickenbacker guitar and the transformation took place. The audience immediately joined in singing a worship tune that first became a favorite in church sanctuaries seven years ago.

This will be a night to remember in Waterloo, Ontario. The crowd is pumped and with the chords of each song rolling from Morgan's guitar the feelings are heightened. There is no amazing light show or high powered pyrotechnics. There are simply incredible guitar riffs and drumbeats fused with thoughtful words of praise lifted skyward.

Between the second and third songs the band segues nicely into an acoustic led set that begins with "All the Heavens".

This has been a seventeen city tour across Canada for the band consisting of Ben Fielding with his Fender Telecaster guitar, Paul Maybury on drums, Hikamui on bass and Morgan alternating between his Martin 000038 acoustic and his electric guitars.

While preparing to close their concert in St John's Newfoundland Morgan had what he refers to as one of his most embarrassing moments turn into a tour highlight. He recalls, "We get to the last song, "My Redeemer Lives" and we are pumped. I put on my electric guitar, I go to strike one chord and the strap just gives way. I am like Nooo. I just grabbed it before it hit the ground, lifted it up and I am like, 'Oh I'm an idiot.' I lifted it up like that (he makes a gesture above his head). Everybody is like "ya". They thought it was planned and it was like (old school rock)." He says the crowd just went wild.

Morgan is a man far too humble to take credit for his contribution to worship services around the globe and often in conversation will deflect credit to the expansive ministry of Hillsongs Church in Australia. You may not be as familiar with his name as you are with his songs; "I Give You My Heart" is ranked number 21 on the US CCLI charts, "My Redeemer Lives" stands at 23rd in the Canadian CCLI rankings and four of his songs appear in the top 25 at home in Australia (including "What The Lord Has Done in Me", "Eagles Wings" plus the two previously mentioned songs). Most of the songs mentioned were played on this night.

Tonight in the middle of the set Maybury emerges from behind the drum kit to speak to the audience. With microphone in hand and standing at the front of the stage Maybury whose father Graham has a highly regarded radio ministry in Perth Australia shared his testimony and a message. This was not a gimmick driven speaker or someone trying to manipulate emotions. He simply shared why it is important to make sure you are a follower of Jesus. Maybury served notice that whenever he tires of this music gig he is destined to become a very capable speaker.

Following Maybury's talk Morgan began to play the gentle strains of the beautiful "I Give You My Heart", "Lord I give You my heart / I give you my soul / I live for You alone / Every breath that I take / Every moment I'm awake / Lord have Your way in me /" Several more well known tunes followed with the crowd joining the band mates in singing.

To close the concert Morgan challenged his fans with, "Are you ready to dance?" The band then broke into the immensely popular My Redeemer Lives. The band danced about the stage while the audience danced in and in front of their seats.

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Writer: Joe Montague

Photo:Joe Montague

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