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Mod Club
September 20, 2005
As if Switchfoot playing at one of Toronto's hottest venues wasn't appetizing enough, it was actually going to happen. The thought was mind blowing, the experience was miraculously uplifting. The guys were in town speaking with the folks at Mix 99.9FM to tell Torontonians the new album Nothing in Sound was just as sweet as The Beautiful Letdown. Ground breaking news was that this concert was Switchfoot's first live to air broadcast. The guys humbly entered the stage, not knowing what to expect and were greeted by a thunderous roar from the crowd as if they were in a stadium setting. They played a mix of new and old material, and no joke, every song was like the first; a burst of energy and lyrical explosion from the crowd. I felt like I was in a Coke commercial.

Mod Club lighting spiraled and swung around frontman Jon Foreman like a custom design, and when his brother Tim on bass started into "Twenty-Four", and the new hit "Stars" the roof almost blew off. Jon even shared some funny stories with the crowd between jumping off the drum kit and running across the Mod Club bar. He said that they were on an AM talk show and the host was really conservative and shy, but when the cameras went on and the guy was introducing the band members, he was talking like a super confident sports announcer. He also shared that when it came time to introduce Jerome, the talk show host said everyone else's name regularly but when it came time to say his he pronounced it extra special "÷and here is Jer-ome Font-am-ill-as", Jermone bashfully agreed that it was funny and the crowd lapped it up.

Switchfoot Nothing in Sound is available now in single and double disc format. Let's hope the guys decide to come back to Canada and rock even more socks (I'll put out a Soul Shine petition if I have to!), but in the meantime run for the border and see them in Chicago and Detroit:

October 27 - Vic Theater - Chicago, IL (Ph: 777-472-0449)
October 28 - Majestic Theater - Detroit, MI (Ph: 313-833-9700 ext. 202)

For more band info check out www.switchfoot.com.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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