Turin Brakes' Premiere Canadian Gig

Turin Brakes
Mod Club
July 21, 2005
The sounds of a distorted Beneath Augusta began echoing through Mod Club on the dripping wet heat that was last night downtown TO. We had come to see Turin Brakes, a band I had been fortunate enough to interview in Portsmouth, UK, a few years back when they were pushing the brilliant Ether Song album. Next up was a rather bizarre and temptuous band called West Indian Girl, which I'm assuming the only female background vocalist calls her heritage. This LA five-piece had a lead vocalist that sounded like Chris Martin as he drew shadow puppets with his fingers in the air for a mesmerized crowd. Background vocals were carried off nicely by West Indian Girl herself; she must have done work in trance music before joining this band as her vocal technique shows a promising career in sonically-able octave bouncing. During their set, I felt their needed to be a bit more synergy between the two vocalists. Ms. West Indian and Mr. Coldplay seemed off in their own world of shadow puppets and she, getting a little too orgasmic with the tambourine and mic.

Jack in the Box, the latest effort from Gale and Olly of Turin Brakes was an interesting turn for the band. Ether Song had been a smashing success with each song glowing in its own beautiful orb, whereas their newer material was now beginning to be more rock based (not a bad thing) and a little more use of the same chords and vocal arrangements. There were a couple of glass raisers on their new album, but I'd much rather buy another Ether Song than be further crushed by what Jack in the Box has in store for me. "Feeling Oblivion" and "Ether Song" were great favourites for the audience last night, "Future Boy" was one of their best new tracks, and I dig that the rest of their band were all dolled up in sexy Beatles suits while Olly and Gale wore J. Crew. This was their first Canadian show, and I have to say, I was impressed with the turn out. I didn't think people knew who they were in Canada, but the audience were clapping and mouthing the words like they had grown up in the UK and were clinking their glasses down the pub, which is promising for what the band can inspire with the piercing, unique vocals of Olly Knights and the guitar magic that Gale adds to their performances.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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