From Montreal to Vancouver...Opposites Attract

Tegan and Sara
Molson Amphitheatre
May 31, 2005
On approaching the entrance of the Molson Amphitheatre loads of young people were wearing Killers t-shirts. Line-ups for the concession stands and washrooms were absolutely ridiculous - or that was the first impression. They were long but only took minutes to get through. Unless of course it was the women's washroom.

Coming into the actual theatre the stage was being prepared for Canada's own Tegan and Sara. In behind a sheer black curtain to the right of the stage the last minute hustle to get set-up was apparent. With guitars larger than they are, Tegan and Sara approached the microphones. Their welcomed energy and distinct vocal harmonies drew the audience in. There were several people stopping (as they were walking by) to ask who they were. There was a very sincere interest in them and their music. Featuring pretty much all the songs from their newest album "So Jealous" special mentions to the songs performed "Where Does the Good Go, Speak Slow and Downtown". They secured the songs with precision. As heard in other opened aired events it would have been more quality if their voices were louder than the music. The question of the night was answered. Who is who since the two are twin sisters? I looked to the screens on either side of the stage for confirmation. Tegan is the one with the piercing. Unfortunately, I could not see this piercing. The sister to the right of the stage seemed to be the one with all the leg movement - stamping and moving. The other was more animated with the guitar. Surprising to hear they live on opposite sides of Canada - Tegan in Vancouver & Sara in Montreal. First signed by Neil Young it is understandable they have and are currently touring with the likes of huge acts such as "Killers, Neil Young, and Ben Folds amongst some other big names. They thanked the crowd by saying they have been waiting a long time to play in front of 16,000 people. To me they had the most talent of the night. It is assured they will be around long after the rest fade away.

When dusk came so did the Killers. With their lit up Las Vegas type sign on back of the stage and there infamous song "Somebody told me" I was left wondering what else there was to offer. Listening to the Killers was like listening to the radio. There was not a lot of movement on stage and nothing there to keep you interested or wanting more. Apart from that they seemed to have kept the audience in a fizzy?

Writer: Penny Hayward

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