Sarah Comes Home

Sarah McLachlan
Halifax Metro Centre
June 1, 2005
Not surprisingly, it was a sold out show. The Metro Centre buzzed with
the anticipation of Sarah McLachlan's first performance in Halifax in
ten years. The opening band, The Perishers, rocked the arena. They are
from a small town in Sweden, and I could tell from the lead singer's
enthusiasm that they were happy and honoured to be opening for one of
Canada's best and most talented artists.

We got a treat with our first glimpse of Sarah when she came out
during one of The Perishers final songs. It was a haunting tune, just
what I'd expect from her, and their voices blended perfectly.

Then the curtain came down, and out stepped Sarah, into a fantasy
setting of rocks and trees, twinkling stars and flashing lights. The
backdrop was a forest of colour; there was something calming yet
exhilarating about the atmosphere, and it reflected her and her music

She began her show with "World on Fire" from Afterglow, and from
there the energy never left the stage. After her second song,
"Building a Mystery", from Surfacing, she addressed the audience,
apologizing for not returning to her hometown sooner, and laughing,
noted how great we looked.

"Today was a very nostalgic day for me. I drove by my old house and by
the graveyard where I first got drunk," she said, with a hint of
seriousness. She also brought up how the damage done to the city
during Hurricane Juan in 2003 broke her heart. She seemed genuinely
glad to be back.

Sarah then launched into a two hour long showcase of all of her best
songs. From the heartfelt love songs "Push" and "Answer", to deeper
and darker songs like "Fallen' and "Time", all from Afterglow. She
also brought back memories of high school for me with "I Will Remember
You" and "Angel", which brought the crowd to its feet.

In between songs, she told stories about her daughter and husband Ash
Sood, who plays drums in her band, and who inspired her to write
"Push", about the ability to love someone no matter how hard they make
it. And before each song began fans cheered because they knew what was

And just when I thought there were no songs left to sing, she came
back for more, singing the crowd favourite "Ice Cream," and two
powerful performances of "Sweet Surrender" and "Possession." By the
time the show was over, there really were no songs left to sing. She
covered three albums and every song that means anything to her fans.
Sarah was welcomed home with open arms, and hopefully her next trip
won't take so long.

Writer: Jennifer Nichols

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