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Something Like Silas
Unite in Worship Conference
May 20, 2005
An estimated crowd of 5,000 people turned out on Friday May 20th for a concert featuring several bands including Something Like Silas from San Diego, Hillsong United, and Vicky Beeching. The latter only performed two songs but this lady from the UK is a star on the rise. Hillsong United never disappoints and performed sets on either side of speaker Phil Dooley. Something Like Silas however simply did not live up to their advance billing.

Something Like Silas is a band that features good musicians, and a charismatic lead vocalist, Michael Owyoung with very ordinary vocals. Sonically this band does not have a sound that distinguishes itself over other rock worship bands. I will take Canada's own Starfield or Sonic Flood any day over Something Like Silas.

More disappointing was the fact that almost all of the songs were covers of tunes made popular by other artists.

The popularity of Something Like Silas is due in part to the Chinese heritage of Owyoung, which is a good thing because in the Greater Toronto Area concert promoters often fail to recognize the demographics of our city have changed greatly over the past generation. Just as the Jaci Velasquez concert acted like a magnet for the Latino community in Toronto last December, Something Like Silas drew a huge Asian crowd for this concert. Owyoung has gone on record as saying he feels the fact he is Chinese and his wife comes from a Thai background gives them the ability to understand the unique cultural differences when trying to communicate the Gospel to the Asian community. After all, would you want to be discussing the most important decision in your life with someone who hasn't the foggiest idea of what you face in your personal life?

The audience was a sea of nationalities which is not surprising since Hillsong United is from Australia and Vicky Beeching hails from England.

The crowd was stoked for this concert and lined up not only in front of the stage but down all the aisles well before the concert began. In fact the promoters had to turn walk-up sales away as the venue was filled to capacity including standing room only fans.

Writer: Joe Montague

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