Spring Celebration at Canada's Wonderland

Audio A Newsboys
Kingswood Concert Theatre
May 21, 2005
Spring Celebration at Canada's Wonderland was comprised of a bevy of musicians with one mission, to let the Lord be glorified and His truth be known. While I missed Lucerin Blue because I was dodging the thousands that had decided to join the festivities with funnel cake in hand, I did snag a seat and was able to catch Kutless mid set. These guys know how to show off what rock 'n' roll choreography is all about. Jon screamed to perfection on lead vocals and had the audience raving along with him. Show stopping moves occurred when James and Ryan spun their guitars around their necks in sync with each other several times. Kutless have the record and drive of a good rock band, but I must admit; the gig only got better through the evening.

Joining us all the way from England, Delirious? made a stellar appearance with Martin on lead vocals embodying the absolute essence of Brit rock in his performance. He did a little piano, sung some inspirational lyrics, and embraced his band members with infectious enthusiasm. Stu is an absolute sensation on guitar, you fail if you put his performance into words. All of the breaks and driving instrumentation take their queue from Stu on his electric.

Audio A took awhile to come on stage, but the white sheet that was curtaining the stage specifically for their performance looked like we were all in for the ultimate rock 'n' roll showcase. Audio A were one of the best performances of the evening, frontman Mark Stuart has a voice you only wish you could have after having lost your voice. His raw, husky vocals emulate the rich energy he brings to the crowd. He even found it in him to jump offstage and run into the crowd singing his heart out and borrowing a cowboy hat for the ride from a nearby fan. The whole crowd was jumping in unison and kept encouraging Mark for an encore, Christian or not, this is a band to listen to for talent and performance.

Coming down off the high of pure "adrenaline", Australia's Newsboys were up, always a fan favourite, I was finally going to see if their live performance matched the incredible music and lyrics on their album "Devotion".

Newsboys played some older songs and newer songs from their latest release "Adoration", but managed to include some of the gems found on "Devotion". Having a history of performing all around the world (most recently in Morocco) and giving the world music with meaning, Peter (lead vocals) had everyone sit down at one point so he could share his testimony. He told the crowd about how God's love is unconditional, that means you don't have to earn it, He loves you no matter what you do. For some, this can be a lot to grasp, especially if you're relating it to God and not a human relationship based on unconditional love. The point he made was that by honouring God in our actions, He is pleased and no matter what you do wrong, God will use what you're doing as a learning experience on how to feel better in your life now and to come. We all prayed and lifted our hands to God, who I'm sure was looking at the thousands of people at Wonderland and smiling with Fatherly pride. Newsboys are a worship band, and if you've never heard music by Christians before, it's an eye opener. Audio A are more rock 'n' roll based, but their lyrics still count to worshipping God to the fullest. So, no matter if you're curious about how Newsboys worship the Lord or if you just loved rock music, you come full circle by listening to the artists presented at this year's Spring Celebration.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

Photo:Newsboys (Paul Whitfield)

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