Radiohead: In Their Head

October 15, 2003
Radiohead at Skydome; three words that Toronto wanted to hear. Sitting up in the 200 level wasn't the best way to view one of the most talked about concerts of the season, but we played it cool until we snuck down to the 100 level and stood to watch in awe as the avant garde of rock came to life. I personally don't own a Radiohead album (shame!), but I love their music videos and the tracks I have heard miscellaneously throughout the bands history. Older tracks surfaced to the audience's uproarious affections, but nothing was more fitting for Halloween than the eerie new tracks the crowd was exposed to last night. The new songs are like bizarre soundscapes, whereas their older material was all about being a rock band, now Radiohead have uncovered their art school side to their performances. Strobe lights flashed and when everyone was getting into the music the scene quickly climaxed to darkness as this beautiful eerie music was heard by all and was choked by brilliantly crazy guitar. The opener, DJ Kid Koala did some great scratching; but I don't think anyone will forget the magnificent performance by Radiohead – Canada salutes you Thom.

Writer: Soul Shine Staff

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