More Than Just Hype!

Silent Seymour
Drake Hotel
April 15, 2005
Grand PM ( initiated the night featuring "poppy" tracks. With their Beach Boys vs. 80's electro style there is a sense of a former acquaintance. Have I heard this before? Their look can be described as well groomed similar to that in the first arrival of the Beatles. The lead singer and his portable guitar like keyboards strapped to his shoulder bring this 80's ideal to light. The drummer was quite impressive with his quick, snappy compelling beats. BOY has got skills. Their cover of Loverboy's "Working for the Weekend" was the stand out moment for the audience forcing them to listen but in a good way. This 4-piece band from Uxbridge made a pretty good 1st impression. Stage presence is fun and yields you to bop along.

The buzz surrounding Silent Seymour is more than just that. They are not only steadily selling out shows but making the people move whilst on the floor. You can see people wanting to edge closer to the stage as their set progressed. I blame this on the bands constant musical force driving them to it. The room was full to capacity and the line-ups outside the Drake to get in even larger. They never fail to disappoint which was apparent with this particular live show. These 4 guys are a dependable band always guaranteeing a first-rate experience. The highlight of their performance, for me, was "It's About Time". It starts out with a pleasantly light guitar and eventually rocks it out just enough to catch you off guard. Suddenly the chorus comes in assuring the crowd screaming out or moshing for more. A great setting for the Silent Seymour crew having their cd release at the "Drake". Encore screams at end justified the hype!

Writer: Penny Hayward

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