All God's Children Sing

Paul Colman
Canada Christian College
May 2, 2005
We are All God's Children and as Paul Colman sang the rock anthem otherwise known as Gloria there was no doubt in anybody's mind that Colman's lyrics were heartfelt when they joined him on the chorus. He was playing before a packed house at Canada Christian College on May 2nd.

As of May 2nd,Gloria (All God's Children) was still ranked as the number one song on the TRAA charts in Australia after occupying that spot for sixteen straight weeks. It is the highest debut charting single. Colman says of the song Gloria, "I wanted a song that called everyone to acknowledge the God of creation. Gloria is a call to all humanity. We are all here together, and we were made by God, so let us come before Him and give Him glory."

Colman is one of those rare performers who combines all the elements an entertainer needs; great vocals, amazing guitar licks and awesome stage presence. He also brings that Aussie charm that seduces his audience, not in a sexual way but in a manner that says if we are going to get this right we need to cut to the chase and just be two mates worshipping and rocking together.

For a little more than a year now Colman has returned to his roots as a solo artist, although on this night he did have a compliment of artists playing with him.

There is nothing pretentious about Paul Colman, whether you are sitting chatting with him prior to a concert or as reflected in the beautiful ballad I Owe It All, It seems too good to be true / That all that I've got to do / Is learn to let go / I lay this burden down / And I let your love surround / All of my soul / When I'm broken you mend me / Healer divine / And all that I've got to do / Is learn to follow you / Let your grace break through.

Colman chose this night and this audience to debut the song Nothing Without You a song he taught to the other musicians during the sound check. Nothing Without You is a song Colman describes as Lenny Kravitz meets Jesus of Nazareth. This is a fabulous rock / blues number. It features everything an audience grasps for in a song, memorable guitar riffs and some good hooks.

When you listen to Colman you realize this is not a rocker with a gravelly voice. This is a man with a truly great voice, thoughtful lyrics a passion for performing, and possessing a zest for life.

Colman has a busy schedule on the international scene this year with gigs in Denmark, Germany, and Norway. Patrons of Cup O' Joy in Green Bay, Wisconsin, are in for a treat on May 20th as Colman performs in that intimate setting.

Writer: Joe Montague

Photo:Joe Montague

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