The Donnas Bring The Heat Back to Canada

The Donnas
The Warehouse
April 21, 2005
The Donnas are all about having a good time. Period. Their music is loud, fast, and energetic, and they're almost freakishly concerned that their audience has the all-important "good time" - when a scuffle broke out, vocalist Brett Anderson stopped and encouraged everyone to be "nice to their neighbour", which even means the guy beside you who thinks he's king of playing air-drums, when he's really just a big, giant tool.

With 12 years of on-stage experience and six albums worth of material to choose from, The Donnas' stage show is as close to perfection as it's going to get. Guitarist Allison Robertson took every metal riff head on, and drummer Torry Castellano's head looked like it would fall off if she shook it any harder. Plus, being female musicians, it's possible to have the hair of a metalhead headbanger without actually being a metalhead.

Somewhat oddly, The Donnas' fanbase is made up mainly of males÷and not the creepy old man-kind either. It really does make sense though. Each Donna sprays on their own Rock god essence when on stage: Anderson does the Mick Jagger-hand-on-hip-sway, Robertson rocks the Angus Young-walk-and-riff, Castellano sits atop a huge riser channelling Peter Criss, and bassist Maya Ford does the aloof Bill Wyman-shuffle. No wonder it's a testosterone fest.

One hot, long, very sweaty show later, ear-splitting screaming caused The Donnas to jump back on stage to play an encore filled with their very best. They pulled out the situation appropriate "You Make Me Hot", before launching into current single "Fall Behind Me". I didn't fully appreciate the track until hearing it live; the song gains an organic feel in the flesh, taking it into the realm of classic rock that the studio version just does not translate. The Donnas very wisely saved the riot-inducing "Take It Off" for last - thank god - for more than one person took the girls' words at face value, and well, took it off.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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