Skydiggers in the Snow

Cash Brothers Skydiggers
Hotel Bedford (Goderich), Tranzac (Toronto)
April 1-2, 2005
What a Trip. Snowstorms in April? Only in Canada eh? I blame our boys! What are they thinking performing a Christmas song on April Fool's? What a delight for those diehard diggerheads that made the journey to Goderich, where they played a good long time for your good long drive, and thank goodness also for the much needed "Slow Burning Fire."

The next night in Toronto was a good show too, for a good cause, with better lighting and a higher stage though not much better sound. Thankfully the audience wasn't quite as drunk as the night before nor were they all wearing the same cheesy white slogan bearing t-shirts. It was a lot easier to see into faces of the guys (if they looked your way), and for the electric-guitar-guru-seeking-audience-contingent, it was a treat to clearly see just how they handle those machines to create the sounds we so enjoy. But, could someone please tell Andrew Cash that it is not just the way he mumbles, it's that he is always distractedly tuning as he introduces Mr. Maize that deprives us of more of a chance to cheer for Andy÷

While we're at it, here's three cheers for the antics of delightful Dave Clark, who can keep a girl out two beers past a flu-set limit, and after last call, in the not-so-main hall at the Tranzac, where he performed with Lewis Melville and the Mountainside Band til Josh Finlayson could catch his breath and play a just little more. Such intimate quarters, such an opportunity. I can't believe it was a friend in Arizona who pointed out to me how welcoming the Toronto Music scene is. Weather conditions permitting, of course.

Writer: Kimberly Logue

Photo:Bev Chappel

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