onlyforward 'Live up to Eternity'

Lee's Palace
April 15, 2005
With a band as dynamic as onlyforward, you have to be in town when they play, if only to catch a glimpse of real Canadian rock 'n' roll. After recently putting the finishing touches on their upcoming music video for the smash hit, "Trees", the band rolled back into town from their native Montreal to let a captive Friday night crowd gaze at their brilliance.

While I could potentially compare lead singer Dave Martel with possessing the energy and wit of Jack Black, he is truly a unique individual who discusses the deeper meaning of the universe while doing kicks, waving his curly locks in circles, beat boxing, and doing his signature scat, in which he shakes his lips while singing a note like there's no tomorrow. Martel keeps you entertained and refreshed, while lead guitarist, Jesse Sauv», plays uncontrollable melodic urges on guitar (especially with the sweet solo he has in "Live up to Eternity"), and finishes with holding his guitar to the speakers and dazzles all in the rich feedback. Roy Vuorela keeps the band in check with a steady and wacked out beat on the drums, and Ian Yule rounds it all out with his bass guitar and backing vocals that harmonize superbly with Martel. onlyforward love their music and they make the crowd love it too; you can see that in each performance you attend.

Check them out online at, you can hear 4 songs from the album on their customized onlyplayer, purchase the full CD for you and all your friends, and kick it at their next gig Martel-style. If you haven't seen onlyforward yet, you'd better before they get too rock star for us all! Email the band and let them know to book a show in your area.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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