Bloc Party Rock the House

Bloc Party
The Opera House
April 2, 2005
It doesn't matter how crappy you feel heading to a concert, because by the time you leave, you're a little happier than before and that is all that matters. Bloc Party welcomed many indie lovers into their intimate setting and sold-out The Opera House, with some fans paying up to $80 for tickets from scalpers.

There's something about the way Kele Okereke's voice and style mould together, creating a pleasing performance. Watching Okereke makes you think you knew him from somewhere, like you bumped into his elbow at another concert, or he caught your eye walking on the street. For one night, Okereke feels like your favourite stranger.

The Opera House is a perfect setting for the British quartet, because there's a dramatic mood throughout the place, and there's hardly anywhere to move when dancing, so things stay close and intimate. Okereke admitted Toronto is one of his favourite Canadian cities, and of course, the crowd loved to hear that. Anytime Okereke said something into the microphone, it refuelled the crowd's intensity.

When Bloc Party opened with their first track off "Silent Alarm", the audience waited for the chorus: "drinking poison, like eating glass" to unfold, so they could bop and swing to the song with emotion and delight. Bloc Party show a similarity to '80s new wave influence The Smiths, and it's safe to say Okereke shares the same charisma as Morrissey.

Guitarist, Russell Lissack plays with such desire and passion; along with the sliding Gordon Moakes does on his bass. Drummer Matt Tong seems like a machine, as he played without a shirt and clenched his fists on the sticks and smashed aggressively, but always kept beat. I must admit it is difficult to keep up with Bloc Party's show, because their songs are full of energy, I honestly don't know how they keep up with themselves.

All night it rained outside in Toronto and fans were coming in with wet jackets and messy hair. The cold bodies became warm and by the end of the night, everyone was hot and couldn't wait for a taste of rain again.

Writer: Mindi St. Amand

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