Superchick Kick it up with Hello Kelly

Hello Kelly Superchick
Calvary Church, St. Catharines
March 12, 2005
While the stage crew was making equipment adjustments between acts, the audience was already pressing to the front of the stage in hopes of catching a closer glimpse of fan favourites Melissa (lead vocals and guitar) and Tricia Brock(rhythm guitar and vocals) as well as male vocalist and bassist Matt Dally.

Superchick is one of the top rated acts in North America and Saturday night they demonstrated why. This is a polished act that doesn't have a weak link. There is not one individual in this six member band that lacks stage presence and the ability to perform at a very high level with lots of energy.

The act featured some deep guitar grooves by sisters Tricia and Melissa Brock. The newest band member, drummer Brandon Estelle, is a guy that just makes you feel good about being part of this concert. He is not only a very accomplished drummer but he leaves you with absolutely no doubt he loves his job as he smiling throughout the entire concert. While a lot of groups today feature a good lead vocalist and are short on supply after that, Superchick is blessed to have three quality singers in Matt Dally and the Brock sisters. Dave Ghazarian (guitar) and Max Hsu on guitar, keyboards and turntables compliment the artists already mentioned.

The band uses cutting edge lyrics to let people know they are not alone in their pain. Their lyrics talk about human frailty, about making mistakes and about turning your life around. "Hero" easily the group's most recognized song was introduced by Tricia Brock as a song that seemingly helped many young people to understand they are not alone in their pain, self doubts, and challenges. Unlike some mainstream bands of the past who addressed these subjects on the darker side without offering hope, the lyrics of Superchick do emphasize the fact that there is hope for all of us and there are people who genuinely care.

Superchick appeals to a broad demographic as their music incorporates elements of funk, garage, urban, hip hop, rap, pop, and rock. The amazing thing is they perform all those genres with no noticeable drop off in ability.

Many artists have merchandise that extends far beyond a teenager's modest budget however Superchick puts a lot of thought into their "schwag" with everything from buttons to posters starting at $2 and escalating to more elaborate posters and clothing.

Superchick was clearly the highlight of the weekend and we eagerly anticipate their new CD "Beauty from Pain" to be released in March.

The opening acts consisted of Paul Wright from Oregon and Ontario's own, Hello Kelly. Paul Wright added a nice change of pace to the heavy rock style of Hello Kelly. Wright's band features a cross between a California beach sound to a funky reggae beat.

Wright would have been worth the price of admission himself. He is an accomplished entertainer who knows how to get an audience involved, up and dancing. I suspect not many in the audience knew who Paul Wright was before the concert started but you can bet they will be buying their tickets early next time he is in town.

One piece of advice for Mr. Wright however, lose the tacky autographs you are selling for a buck on pieces of cardboard. It was easily the worst souvenir gimmick of the weekend gigs I attended.

Hello Kelly is a hard working rock band that will need some time to mature. The audience warmed up to them quickly. As they mature one can only hope they will diversify their music. Right now, they are typical of a lot of young emerging bands in as much as their songs all sound similar. What we need to remember however is it wasn't all that many years ago that another Canadian band Starfield was accused of the same thing and they have become a huge success story proving they can write quality worship music with cutting edge rock. With the professional guidance of manager Chris Vacher, I have no doubt this band will eventually evolve in to another feel good story from the Christian rock world.

Writer: Joe Montague

Photo:Joe Montague

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