Canadian Music Week: Day 4

madrid Boy
Horseshoe Tavern, The Drake Hotel
March 5, 2005
Boy @ Horseshoe Tavern
By: Mindi St. Amand

Boy's cute frontman Stephen Kozmeniuk stood in the middle of the stage with his bandmates surrounding him in a circle. Drummer Maurie Kaufmann, bassist Steve Payne, and guitar players James Robertson and Rolla Olak are all talented musicians who show a lust for music.

The Horseshoe was packed and there was hardly any room to dance, but that didn't stop anyone. Everyone's energy increased when Boy played one of his most familiar songs "Up In This Town". Kozmeniuk addressed the audience many times by bowing towards the front row singing into his microphone. He often made direct eye contact with fans that watched him with adoring eyes.

The pretty Boy rock band present themselves as men with fashion sense and dandy beauty. Before a show, it's obvious that Kozmeniuk stands in front of the mirror trying new moves before facing the show on stage. His body language can be compared to Mick Jagger and The Hives' lead singer Pelle Almqvist. All three singers have unpredictable struts and a loving relationship with the microphone.

In 2003, Boy's self-titled album sold for cheap in record stores and not many people had heard of Kozmeniuk and his band. They didn't receive much radio airplay and two singles off the album that were made into videos were rarely played on MuchMusic. One year later, Boy released their second CD "Every Page You Turn" under MapleMusic recordings and received rave reviews. Now Boy is heard quite frequently on the radio and fans request "Same Old Song" on MuchMusic frequently.

madrid @ The Drake Hotel
By: Lindsay Whitfield

It was a first for us at Soul Shine, let alone anyone else who was partaking in UME technology the night of madrid and Beneath Augusta at the Drake. Aporia Records released a repressed version of both band's CDs recently which has this UME gadgetry allowing people who purchased the CD access to all of the record labels live gigs worldwide, the bands tour diaries among other bonus material. Excellent decision Aporia, and we're proud you're Canadian! Now, on to the show. Cosmic, atmospheric rock is what Madrid does best and tonight they didn't disappoint. Duncan opened saying "it's really awesome to be here" and invited people to get up and dance. The baseline remained strong with the chorus "bam bam brother" sung by Adam, glistening a whisper from the mic. madrid take you afieldinto trippy jazz rhythm and back to their white hot atmospheric, only found on the planet madrid. It was wild when Duncan gave a shout out to all the people watching at home around the world (via the UME technology off their CD), you felt like history was unfolding, and that someone from Florida or Italy could be watching the same concert in real time. The only issue that while the feed rarely timed out and was crystal clear, the camera should have been placed closer to capture the band's expressions.

Beneath Augusta @ The Drake Hotel
By: Lindsay Whitfield

Lead vox dedicated the evening to "Sudafed" and "Cepicol" because he had the flu, but the show went on and the band performed like they were in top form. Beneath Augusta is true sunny day road trip music, gliding through your hair on the highway. Then, they burst into raspy vocals that intensify with instrumental harmonies. The projection of skulls and silhouettes behind the band at The Drake didn't really work, but I definitely give the guys props for getting into the evening despite the flu affecting the vocals.

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Photo:Cecile Hibbs

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