DJ Robbie Rivera Drops the Beats

DJ Robbie Rivera
Club 26
February 5, 2005
Tucked away on a side street, near the Eaton's Center, Club 26's "Arc Saturdays" give off a peculiar impression. From the outside of the club were no suggestions of music, two bouncers stood outside the main doors and a small group of people were making their way inside. With no one in line we made our way in, in record time, quite unusual for clubs these days. I wondered if this was a hint of what the crowd was going to be like once inside.

When inside Alonso & Elvis (Latenniterz) started off the evening with a round of quality beats. Having the music louder would have enhanced their set. Was the club trying to set the tone of the evening to make it more of a loungy ambiance? Thankfully, this was no indication of how the night actually turned out. The crowd eventually swelled and the system's bass did shake.

Robbie approached the tables wearing an ACDC t-shirt, which made me smile. This being the first time seeing him live had me underestimate his techniques on the decks and ability to draw the crowd together. There were plenty of flirty breakdowns with a tasty selection of tracks. The theatrical flashing lights danced in succession with the music - thanks to the one managing the controls. The high energy and vibe of the crowd was quite stirring. Watching the staff bounce along was a clear suggestion of what he was doing was "right". All we ask Robbie is please smile more!

Writer: Penny Hayward

Photo:Behzad Salehoun

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