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Artist Title Rating Release Date
Relient K Let it Snow Baby...Let it Reindeer 2007
Red Buttons, The She's About to Cross My Mind 2007
Ribeiro, Walt I.I October 2006
Rayna Empty Room November 2006
Rowboat, Fjord Saved The Compliments For The Morning February 23, 2007
Relient K Five Score and Seven Years Ago March 6, 2007
Rivard, Paul Paul Rivard 2005
Rob Dickinson Fresh Wine For The Horses September 13, 2005
Ric Ocasek Nexterday September 27, 2005
Richard Swift The Novelist/Walking Without Effort April 19, 2005
Run Chico Run Slow Action March 21, 2006
Roy Ayers Virgin Ubiquity Remixed 2004
Rick Temporao & The New Low Down in Front 2005
Red Shag Carpet Lift and Drop January 28, 2006
Robert Cherry The New Forever early 2006
Rebelski Thanks for your Thoughts April 4, 2006
Romansongs Calle Peligrosa
Rufio The Comfort of Home July 12, 2005
Reach for the Rainbow A Compilation for Reach for the Rainbow June 28, 2005
Robert Plant and the Strange Sensation Mighty Rearranger May 10, 2005
Robinson, Kelly My Foolish Heart April 17, 2005
Reuben Blamethrower (Single-Download Only) April 18, 2005
Robertson, Kristilyn The Uncut Version 2004
Rebronja, Melissa Embrace Yourself 2004
Roses Are Red Conversations February 23, 2005
Robertson, Chris Here We Are 2004
Razorlight Up All Night August 17, 2004
REM Around the Sun October 5, 2004
Randy K Summer
Radio 4 Stealing of a Nation September 13, 2004
Richie, Lionel Just For You June 2004
Raising The Fawn The North Sea February 24, 2004
Raising the Fawn By The Warmth of Your Flame
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