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Artist Title Rating Release Date
Pierce, Adrienne Faultline 2007
Piasecki, Shane You’re Here and I’m a Mess February 1, 2008
Plumb Blink 2007
Po' Girl Home To You February 13, 2007
Parkas, The Put Your Head In The Lion's Mouth 2007
Parson Red Heads, The King Giraffe February 2007
Pruitt, Jordan No Ordinary Girl February 6, 2007
Porter, Steve Porterhouse Vol. 2 March 23, 2007
Parson Red Heads, The Field Mouse Carnival 2006
Photo Atlas No, Not Me, Never 2006
Papineau, Lisa Night Moves 2006
Phil Wickham Phil Wickham April 25, 2006
Phoenix It's Never Been Like That May 15, 2006
Pearl Jam Pearl Jam May 2, 2006
Pilot Speed Sell Control for Life's Speed 2006
Preeta In This Moment 2005
Peter Katz Split EP September 15,2005
Passion: Everything Glorious Passion: Everything Glorious April 4, 2006
Pole Folder Zero Gold May, 2005
Persona Hard-Work For Hang-Ups
Point of Grace Winter Wonderland
Plant Life The Return of Jack Splash July 11, 2004
P:ano Brigadoon April 19, 2005
Petit Project, The CheeROCKracy March 15, 2005
Pedro Luis Ferrer R?stico 2005
Porter, Steve Homegrown January 11, 2005
Pavlo Mediterranean Lounge February 15, 2005
Powderfinger Fingerprints: Best Of Powderfinger 1994-2000 January 18, 2005
Paulson Variations June 22, 2004
Parton, Dolly Live And Well September 14, 2004
Paul James Berry Ginnel 2004
Pimp Tea An Urbal Remedy August 17, 2004
Polyphonic Spree, The Together We're Heavy July 13, 2004
PJ Harvey Uh Huh Her June 8, 2004
Pedro the Lion Achilles Heel May 25, 2004
Pilate Caught by the Window 2003
Pale, The Gravity Gets Things Done Jan. 20, 2004
Pistol for Ringo Solid State Neo-Hedonist
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