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Artist Title Rating Release Date
Lidell, Jamie Jim April 28, 2008
Leeland Opposite Way February 26, 2008
Landon Jr., Michael Love's Unending Legacy April 2007
les.petits EPs July 17, 2007
Left, The Untitled 2007
Lost Ocean Lost Ocean February 27, 2007
Luft, Cara The Light Fantastic March 27, 2007
Little Birdie Cinematic Way 2006
Lyrycyst American Dream 2006
Lang, Jonny Turn Around September 2006
Leeland Sound of Melodies August 15, 2006
Lindsey Yung Fusion 2005
LunarTheory LunarTheory 2005
Lampshade Modern Behaviour September 2005
LA Symphony Disappear Here October 4th, 2005
Leyton, Neil Beat January 2005
Lotus Better Day
Liquid Blue Supernova January 2004
Linda M Pretty On The Inside 2004
Little Barrie EP February 22, 2005
Littl Shyningman Hart of the Wud March 7, 2005
LaMontagne, Ray Trouble September 14, 2004
Luna Rendezvous October 26, 2004
Lekman, Jens When I Said I Wanted To Be Your Dog September 28, 2004
Lorrie Matheson A Dime at a Time
Libertines, The Self Titled August 31, 2004
Little Wings Magic Wand August 17, 2004
Lavigne, Avril Under My Skin May 25, 2004
Les Sans Culottes Fixation Orale May 18, 2004
Living End, The Modern Artillery March 2, 2004
Leviride Nothing's Getting Better
Love, Courtney America's Sweetheart February 10, 2004
Les Sans Culottes Faux Realism
Libertines, The Up the Bracket October 2002
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