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Artist Title Rating Release Date
Hillsong UNITED Aftermath February 15, 2011
Hillsong This Is Our God 2008
Hawk Nelson Hawk Nelson Is My Friend April 1, 2008
Hello Kelly hellokelly April 15, 2008
Hunter, Andy Colour March, 2008
Hewitt, Justin Justin Hewitt 2007
Hillsong United All of the Above 2007
Herbert, Matthew Score April 3, 2007
High Dials, The War of the Wakening Phantoms June 7, 2006
HEM Funnel Cloud February 7, 2006
Hamilton, Megan Feudal Ladies Club April 2006
Hebb, Shawn Tourist 2006
hellogoodbye Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs! August 8, 2006
Hinterland The Picture Plane February 2006
Hugh Cornwell Beyond Elysian Fields Spring 2006
Hunter, James People Gonna Talk 2006
Houston Calls A Collection of Short Stories August 2, 2005
Hadley Seventy- one The Beautiful April 28, 2005
House of Doc Prairiegrass 2005
Hall, Charlie Flying into Daybreak January 24, 2006
House on a Hill Ladyslipper
Hotchkiss, Rob Midnight Ghost 2004
Hope Fiends, The Mentally Confused and Prone To Wandering September 12, 2004
Hodder, Kane The Pleasure To Remain So Heartless November 2, 2004
Hostage Life Sing for the Enemy October 12, 2004
Harper, Ben There Will Be A Light September 21, 2004
Hinterland Under The Waterline
House, Kevin Gutter Pastoral June 1, 2004
High Dials, The Fields in Glass (EP)
Heavy Blinkers, The The Night and I Are Still So Young 2004
HorrorPops Hell Yeah! February 10, 2004
High Dials, The A New Devotion July 29, 2003
Hell is for Heroes The Neon Handshake March 11, 2003
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