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Artist Title Rating Release Date
Fraser, Brooke Flags October 19, 2010
Fraser, Brooke Albertine May 27, 2008
Feeding 5000 Books We Read February 2008
Farris, Mike Salvation in Lights 2007
From the Bridge Passages EP 2007
Fox Run Fox Run October 2006
Future of Forestry Twilight January 23, 2007
Frost, Lily Flights of Fancy 2007
Funky Nashville Hitch a Ride 2006
Finlay, Morgan Everything will Work out Right 2006
Frisinger, Ryan Two Lovers 2005
Flophouse jr. Houseboat August 9, 2005
Face To Face Shoot The Moon: The Essential Collection November 1, 2005
Frank Black Honeycomb July 19, 2005
Falconhawk Here's Your Ghost March 19, 2005
Feist, Leslie Let it Die May 2004
Frances The Mute Mars Volta March 1, 2005
Forever Changed The Need to Feel Alive March 8, 2005
Frusciante, John Curtains February 14, 2005
Fleming, Vanessa Vanessa Fleming 2004
Flairs, The The Flairs EP
Frusciante, John A Sphere In The Heart Of Silence November 23, 2004
From Satellite When All Is Said and Done October 12, 2004
Frank Black Francis Frank Black Francis October 12, 2004
Frog Eyes The Folded Palm
Faltskog, Agnetha My Colouring Book June 2004
Fancey Self-titled May 4, 2004
Femme Generation Circle Gets the Square August 1, 2004
Flannelmouth (What a) Comeback/Bravado 2004
Francesconi, Ryan Falls May 5, 2004
Frusciante, John Shadows Collide With People February 24, 2004
Franz Ferdinand Self-titled March 9, 2004
Franz Ferdinand Darts of Pleasure
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