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Artist Title Rating Release Date
Delirious? Kingdom of Comfort April 14, 2008
David Crowder Band The Remedy 2007
Dillon, Bethany Waking Up April 3, 2007
Doiron, Julie Woke Myself Up January 23, 2007
Delirious? Delirious? Now is the Time: Live at Willow Creek October 18, 2006
Depeche Mode Violator (Deluxe Edition CD+DVD) June 6, 2006
Dust Poets Lovesick Town February 2006
DJ Olive Heaps As, Live in Tasmania March 1, 2006
Dimension Mix: Various Artists Dimension Mix: A Tribute to Dimension 5 Records September 13, 2005
Daphne Loves Derby On The Strength Of All Convinced July 26, 2005
Death Cab for Cutie Plans August 30, 2005
Deneau, Scott Bighearted EP 2005
Delirious? Mission Bell January 17, 2006
Diaz, Dian Colour Everywhere August 29, 2005
Damage Velocity May 27, 2005
Dave Dill See You In The Sunshine June 14, 2005
Dina DíAlessandro Is It Safe?
David Crowder Band A Collision September 16, 2005
Daedelus Exquisite Corpse March 15, 2005
DJ Andy Hunter Life 2005
Duplex! Ablum May 3, 2005
Davis, Katie Terrible, Terrible October 31, 2004
Doves Some Cities 2005
DelCampo, Chet Apartment Songs
Desert Monkey Water Damage February 22, 2005
Dan Peter Transistor
Damon & Naomi The Earth is Blue February 14, 2005
DeGiuli, Johnnie Songs In Dee November 16, 2004
DeHaan, Kirsten Conform August 31, 2004
Denison Marrs Denison Marrs 2004
Datsuns, The Outta Sight/Outta Mind July 6, 2004
Driver, Minnie Everything I've Got in My Pocket October 5, 2004
Dillinger Escape Plan, The Miss Machine July 20, 2004
da Camara, Suzana Suzana da Camara (EP) 2004
Despistado The Emergency Response 2003
Diab, Amer The Year of the Apology
Darkness, The Permission To Land
Dido Life for Rent Sept. 30, 2003
Defenestration Ray Zero
Dondolo Peng/ Socket Error
Devics Stars of St. Andrea February 3
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