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Artist Title Rating Release Date
Coldplay Viva La Vida June 17, 2008
Carlile, Brandi The Story 2007
Cross, Jody Rekindle November, 29, 2005
Choir Practice, The Choir Practice, The June 12, 2007
Campbells, The The Kid From Gillette, Wyoming 2006
Camp, Jeremy Beyond Measure 2006
Catfish Haven Tell Me September 12, 2006
Connolly, Niall As Tomorrow Creeps From The East 2003
Corduroy Kid The Sleep Project 2005
Coldcut Sound Mirrors February 21,2006
Collin Herring The Other Side of Kindness 2004
Claudia Di Natale The Little Things June 1, 2005
Chasing Arcadia Chasing Arcadia 2005
Cerulean No Sense In Waiting October 18, 2005
Chronicles of Narnia Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe 2005
Clements, Jim Kill Devil Hills January 2005
Casting Crowns Lifesong August 30, 2005
Cringe, The Scratch the Surface 2004
Coldplay X & Y June 6, 2005
Colin Priestner Blatant Hypocrite February 23, 2005
Choke Slow Fade or: How I Learned to Question Infinity March 22, 2005
Chixdiggit! Pink Razors 2005
Collective Soul Youth 2005
Cullen, Tim Fun Razor October 5, 2004
Complements, The Something Like Happiness EP February 2, 2005
Color Wall The View From Above February 14, 2005
Cinderpop Their Skies Are Beautiful January 2005
Crash Kelly Penny Pills January 25, 2005
Charles, Ray O-Genio Ray Charles 1963 Live in Brazil November 16, 2004
Concretes, The The Concretes June 29, 2004
Costello, Elvis & the Imposters The Delivery Man September 21, 2004
Cold Dead Hands Cold Dead Hands September 18, 2004
Colouring Season Your Departure Left Me the Shelterless Victim of a Major Disaster 2004
Clark, Mike Darker Machines March 16, 2004
Cooper, Scott Pop Fizz
Canteen Knockout Self-Titled
Cooper Temple Clause, The Kick Up The Fire, And Let The Flames Break Loose February 24, 2004
Crystal Method Legion of Boom January 13th, 2004
Chemical Brothers Get Yourself High
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