Album Title: Self-Titled
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Folk
With its demise, Zumpano (the acclaimed Canadian band of the early 90s) spawned two groups. One christened itself the New Pornographers, the other Sparrow. The New Pornographers are energetic and exciting and witty; Sparrow is the antithesis of the aforementioned adjectives.
At times the songs of Sparrow are dreamy and whimsical, but more often than not the music is overtly dull. Not that this type of pop music doesn't have its place. Sparrow would be wonderful at providing background music at a wedding, bat mitzvah or any other event needing a soft soundtrack. The opening strains of the final track 'A Broken Sign' instils a sense of hope in the listener that the album might finally begin to pick up a bit of originality, albeit right at the end. Then the song progresses and all hope is lost as it settles right back down into the redundancy of the rest of the record.
The main problem with Sparrow's songs is that they have no defining sound, nothing new to bring to music. The band doesn't even manage to recreate the past in an interesting way. Sparrow's self-titled album is ultimately forgettable.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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