Hell is for Heroes

Album Title: The Neon Handshake
Release Date: March 11, 2003
Genre: Rock
Dubbed by many as the new Hundred Reasons, this debut album is a blast of pure energy. The three singles (Nightvision, I Can Climb Mountains and the recently re-released You Drove Me To It) stand out as undoubted highlights, showing off an impressive sonic arsenal for the fledgling five piece, who boast former members of Symposium among their ranks. Among the sonic chaos, 'Few Against Many' and 'Slow Song' stand out, with the latter being reminiscent of the Foo Fighters at their mellowest, until realising that the volume knob was not stuck in the first place, and resuming normal service. After having toured with the likes of Papa Roach, and having played near-as-damn-it every small venue in Britain, the transfer from dodgy PA to studio is slick and very worthwhile.

Writer: James Millard

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