Amer Diab

Album Title: The Year of the Apology
Release Date:
Genre: Rock/Folk
It won't be long before Amer Diab will be forcing long lineups outside of smoky bars in the downtown Toronto area. Why? Because unlike most singer-songwriters, Diab's navel-gazing is kept to a minimum, and the rootsy twang is subtle enough to avoid the sad-sack country boy sound. His ties to Broken Social Scene will make the people come; his music will make them want more.

This is what you want to hear in the bars you want to drink at. It's music for music lovers, songs for the spiritual, an album for the inspired. Heartache and evil ex-girlfriends abound, but you won't hear Diab crying in his beer about it. Instead he extracts the ultimate revenge and crafts the kind of song that'll make10 girls swoon for every 1 who done him wrong. Go out and see him now, before the bars get too crowded.

Writer: Erica Basnicki

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