Album Title: Turning Of The Screw
Release Date:
Genre: Alternative
Good grief it's about time.
Green Day had bright hair, Blink-182 were funny, Good Charlotte had very strange makeup…but the lot of them were glorified pop bands. Former punks maybe, but somewhere along the line they traded it all in for slick production quality and an arena-rock sound. But enough is enough.

So thank you, 1208, for your early Offspring-like vocals and your lack of big bass or shiny treble. Thank you for music that can be proudly added to skate videos. Thank you for sounding like Pennywise. Thank you for reassuring punk fans that emo hasn't completely taken over. Thank you for Turn of the Screw, which will remind us all of the seemingly-gone-but-never-forgotten golden years of punk.

Writer: Erica Basnicki

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