Adrienne Pierce

Album Title: Faultline
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Rock
Adrienne Pierce’s third full-length, Faultline, was released nearly a year and a half ago, and the B.C. songwriter is actually on the verge of unleashing her next project upon the world. It seems fitting that the album has only just found its way into this writer’s hands, as a lazy, laidback nonchalance pervades Pierce’s music. Whether that feeling is due to a Lower Mainland mindset or Pierce’s own decision not to take herself too seriously, it makes for a breezy listen either way. The singer’s sweet little girl voice is offset by an orchestra of instruments not typically found paired with sweet little girl voices: the slide, the accordion, and most notably, the sitar (on “Better Year”).

The spatters of unexpected sounds help to break up the tracks, but nevertheless, the 13 songs do start to run together into indiscernibleness. However, it’s worth waiting for the last track to roll around, as “Better Things To Do” contains the best lyric on the album: “Spend my money like I have some / Spend my money like my time.” Lower Mainland mindset, indeed.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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