Anna Stafford

Album Title: Staring at the Sky
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Instrumental
She lives under the bright lights of Los Angeles, has performed with Kanye West, and did a stint in Europe. No, no—Anna Stafford is not some self-taught DJ, but a classically trained violinist. More Bond than Yo-Yo Ma, Stafford has released her second full-length collection of rock-tinged instrumentals with Staring at the Sky. Far from your typical white-gloved classical album, the 11-tracks are full of dramatic screeches, cheeky plucked strings, and even throat percussion (check “Today’s Saturday” and “Many Thoughts”, and, uh, the Fall Out Boy cover “Dance, Dance”).

Even those who know little to nothing about classical music (such as this reviewer) will find it easy to listen to Staring at the Sky from start to finish. And honestly, after all that purposefully off-key indie rock, it’s nice to listen to something with a little serene beauty: Music coiffed with long flowing locks rather than an asymmetrical haircut; songs dressed up in satin gowns instead of skinny jeans; silk scarves in lieu of keffiyehs—well, you get the gist.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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