Hawk Nelson

Album Title: Hawk Nelson Is My Friend
Release Date: April 1, 2008
Genre: Pop Punk
Coming out of the gate with more energy than a sugar-soaked four-year-old, Hawk Nelson is presenting their third full-length to fans with giant grins on their faces. The giant grins come courtesy of the hulking guitars and manic drum tracks on Hawk Nelson is My Friend, because what other facial expression could one have when playing exuberant pop-punk such as this?

The music of the Peterborough foursome offers up a promise of good times in the same way that the music of Simple Plan and Sum 41 does. And just like their Canadian brethren, Hawk Nelson is what they are - four dudes playing loud guitars and fast drums with giant grins on their faces. The one notable exception to the rule is “Somebody Else”— which, with a little more acoustic guitar would be their “Hey There Delilah,” or alternately, with a little more slide, their “Settle For A Slowdown.”

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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