Worth Dying For

Album Title: Worth Dying For
Release Date: April 15, 2008
Genre: Rock
Modesto, California rockers Worth Dying For are a distinct rock worship band from Australia’s Hillsong UNITED, I promise. Despite getting some production assistance from Joth Hunt from Australia’s Planetshakers and having started the band at their mega-sized youth group called The Stadium, Worth Dying For have the songwriting chops and vocal ability to stand out on their own.

The blindfolds on each band member on the album cover show the band’s direction, illustrating that it’s about Jesus, walking by faith with Him in the things hoped for, not by sight in whatever trials the present circumstances may bring. Themes on the album revolve around desiring more of Jesus in our lives and less of our own near-sightedness. “Unite” is a call to the church to live as one without division, and “Revolution” is putting the focus back on Jesus and the fight that is against our flesh each day.

“Take Me” is a favourite on the album, showing the delicate beauty of lead vocalist Christy Johnson’s vocals harmonized with Sean Loche's worship-filled depth, its like breathing in a prayer and one written well by guitarist Micah Berteau. “Infiltrate” has some deep lyrics too that are an excellent articulation of what it means to stand for Jesus. Worth Dying For extracted portions from a Christian biker’s group called The Forgiven Christian Riders and it's delivered with perfect passion by Sean Loche, which makes it count as a top performance track on the album.

You can listen to “Infiltrate" and more from Worth Dying For here www.myspace.com/worthdyingformusic.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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