Hello Kelly

Album Title: hellokelly
Release Date: April 15, 2008
Genre: Pop Rock
Ontario rockers Hello Kelly are touring all the time; just check their Myspace and you’ll see these guys love being on the road more than a trucker loves their rest stop. Having seen the band live in a number of settings (at a small town pig roast and at a rock music festival), I can safely say their headbands and high-energy rock appeal come through on hellokelly their debut LP.

Hello Kelly have been compared to Relient K and Hawk Nelson - rightfully so - because of their pop punk style and youth focus. However, the band have a sound and story all their own. The band calls the audience “Kelly” and say they (the band) “exists to challenge Kelly to define their own beliefs.” Powerful stuff for pop rock. What’s more is frontman Francois Goudreault Jr. has a speech handicap, he stutters, and Goudreault has put it to good use in a creative way on the opener “10 Good Reasons”, with excellent pop rock style. The song works as a testament to what the band is all about, being honest with their fans about the things they deal with as broken human beings and inspiring people to keep going on despite difficulty and be all that God wants them to be.

A few other highlights worth mentioning on the album are “Radio Edit Interlude”, it grasps the edge with sonic synth well. “No Time for Tears” has a cool intro that sounds like a video game and then gets serious about broken relationships, the narrative is captivating and shows the strength of the band lyrically. If you’re looking for an inspiring Canadian band with substance behind their energetic pop punk sound, give these guys a listen.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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