Matchbook Romance

Album Title: Stories And Alibis
Release Date:
Genre: Pop
Attention teenage girls prone to swooning at sentimental lyrics accompanied by distorted guitars; there is more to life than The Get Up Kids. In fact, if you really, really like The Get Up Kids, then you are really, really going to like Matchbook Romance. Why? Several reasons:

1) Songs about puppy love, unrequited love, pining for love…you get the idea. This is not an exercise in politics, despite it being an Epitaph release. This is tear-jerking quasi-emo, baby.
2) Singer/guitarist Andrew Jordan can, in fact, sing. And sing quite well. Here is no need for that gawd-awful screeching many emotionally distraught young men feel they must use to illustrate their pain. Just a nice, clear, manly-yet-boyish voice.
3) Ladies (and other emotionally distraught young men), this part is the best. The accompanying liner notes are hand-written, diary-style. Like a true poet would do. Sigh…

Yes, the sweetness can sometimes be a little nausea-inducing and no, there isn't anything terribly original about Stories And Alibis. It's still a solid piece of work, perhaps best reserved for those moments in your life where a little melodrama is on order. It just might end up being a tad overwhelming for everyday listening.

Writer: Erica Basnicki

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