Jamie Lidell

Album Title: Jim
Release Date: April 28, 2008
Genre: Soul
UK singer Jamie Lidell has gone from “sonic scientist” to “soul man” on his latest album Jim. Initially, Lidell began his music career in 1997 with more instrumental sound bytes and breaks, but has now focused more on his raw, soulful talent on the mic with some delightfully tight hooks and songs that are sounding as good as the classics. Being able to do both electronic and soul music well shows his range, and Lidell’s vocal talent is key to ushering in an electrifying record that harkens to soul legends like Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye and yet keeps it fresh and uniquely his own just as Michael Buble does with his crooning.

Even though Lidell is from the UK, he’s kept the British Commonwealth alive by working with bright Canadian talent on songwriting and producing. He co-wrote and co-produced essentially all the songs on Jim with Saskatchewan born pop music singer Dominic “Mocky” Salole and Canadian musician Gonzales wrote “Where’d You Go?” on Jim, which is the only song not written by Lidell on the album. Lidell also worked with Canadian Leslie Feist on her 2006 album Let it Die, so it appears he has an attraction to Canadian talent, which we hope continues.

Lidell’s songs are uplifting and driven by the rhythm, which means they require a serious amount of dancing and hand clapping whenever they’re played; this should be the automatic response to any exceptional soul music anyway. From percussion and cowbells on “Out of My System” to birds chirping on “Another Day”, Lidell sets the stage for his songs like a theatrical presentation; he brings the environment of the song to you. Some tracks are more mellow like “”All I Wanna Do” and funky like “Little Bit of Feel Good”. So, there’s a variety of soulful sounds to groove to, it’s not just sticking with one vibe. If you’re looking for great songwriting and production, a fresh soulful sound that’ll lift you up anytime, hook your ears to Jim - Soul Shine gives it the “Green Light”.

For more information please visit www.jamielidell.com.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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