Addison Road

Album Title: Addison Road
Release Date: 2008
Genre: Rock/Pop
Texas natives Addison Road are a breath of fresh air lyrically with sharp, to-the-point lyrics stylistically fed through a fine-toothed comb and delivered via the smooth vocals of Jenny Simmons. The band adds elements of Superchick with their pop/rock female fronted sound, but bring a less formulated approach with their splash of indie rock and back up harmony with more of a singer-songwriter element.

“This Could Be Our Day” and “All That Matters” are key tracks with catchy hooks and words just waiting to jump off the page. Another brilliant example of solid songwriting by the band is with “Hope Now”, with lyrics like “How quickly I forget I’m yours/I’m not my own/I’ve been carried by you/all my life/everything rides on hope now/everything rides on faith somehow/when the world has broken me down/your love sets me free.”

Addison Road deal with new beginnings on their debut self titled album and have put together a seriously insightful and musically brilliant recording, which has begun their journey with promise as they share truth through music.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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