Sarah Kelly

Album Title: Born to Worship
Release Date: 2008
Genre: Pop
Rockford, Illinois native Sarah Kelly is humble about her voice, she says it’s flawed. Where she sees a flaw, we music critics see a gift. Billboard has said she is Janis Joplin and Sarah McLachlan shaken up in a bottle. Kelly is also a two time Grammy award nominee; so you can see it’s all about perspective when it comes to her music, such as with her most recent album Born to Worship.

For those that were touched by Kelly’s “sweetly melancholy” blues tonality of her indie releases, this album has a much more mainstream pop sound with hand claps and funky samples. Where Kelly once maintained the hope of Christ while digging through life’s trials minus the production, Born to Worship is praise to Jesus with a pop backbeat, period. I was hoping for more of the sound of “Living Hallelujah” and the gem “Hold on Love” from her earlier releases. The closest Born to Worship gets to that signature sound are the brilliant tracks "Not Quite Home (Behold and Adore)" and Kelly's climactic rendition of "Amazing Grace". It depends what you’re into of course. If you like more of Kelly’s deep thoughts and raspy vocals, this isn’t the CD you’d want from her discography, whereas if you’re looking for a straightforward pop album to praise Jesus with, this is one to try. Kelly has amazing and unique vocals and a dramatic sensibility to her lyrics and it would be great for her to dig deeper on future releases and emphasize more of that on her next album.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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