Feeding 5000

Album Title: Books We Read
Release Date: February 2008
Genre: Rock
The rock on Feeding 5000’s Books We Read is difficult to categorize; singer Kelly Scott Taylor sounds like a late 80’s/early 90’s hard rocker while the songs themselves swing to and from the genres of alternative and pop rock.

Books We Read is mostly a philosophical record, with many of the musings centering on issues such as faith, coping with the good and bad in life, and so on. The lyrics can be inspirational, such as “Fly” and the slower paced closing track, “Carry On”, but others hang on the edge of cheesiness. At the end of the song “Books”, Taylor’s request for his listeners to “Read on!” sounds like a rock star’s stereotypical cry for fans to “Rock on!” - but are we expected to take that seriously? How can we head bang in unison to the repeated phrase (and idea) of “reading on” and not feel a little silly?

The first single “Sing Out Loud” is a power ballad that follows the typical alternative rock formula, so it will appeal to fans of modern rock. Yet the songs get a bit muffled in the middle of the disc as they start to sound too much alike. If you do like rock music that not only is not too hard and not too soft but also makes you think, then Feeding 5000’s Books We Read is for you.

Writer: Stephanie Ng Wan

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