Andy Hunter

Album Title: Colour
Release Date: March, 2008
Genre: Dance
UK DJ Andy Hunter released his last album Life in 2005, but despite what may look like a lack of activity, the performer has been anything but idle. “It’s been a while since I’ve put out a full-length CD, but I can promise you I haven’t been lazy,” says Hunter. True indeed, Hunter has been a steady contributor to Hollywood providing his music to such films as The Matrix:Reloaded, The Italian Job, the upcoming film Expelled:No Intelligence Allowed, on television in ABC’s Alias, various Microsoft TV commercials, and even on video games such as Black Hawk Down.

Colour is filled with break beats and uptempo music to get recharged on those long road trips this summer such as the angelic “Shine” (featuring Shaz Sparks) and “Technicolour (featuring D’Morgan) which says, “You brought me through into the light/locked in your gaze/ I feel alive/”. Many dance albums are made up of so many samples, there’s no need for lyrics in the cover art. Since Hunter has written all the lyrics himself, one can only hope this trend of originality will catch on to other DJs. In many ways, Hunter has paved the way for expanding the creative potential of the dance genre.

There’s also some Massive Attack vibes coming off the album with such tracks as “Miracle”, which sings “It’s a beautiful life/it’s a miracle” with a “sweet and low” back beat as its driving force. The lyrics on Colour are very stream of consciousness and reflect what is at the core of Hunter’s work; an expression of unconditional love for his family and passionate praise for his Creator. Hunter’s music in many ways is about expressing the inexpressible, a broad spectrum of colours and emotion, and somehow he is able to capture all of it through the beat and potent thoughts gliding through the tempo.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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