Shane Piasecki

Album Title: You’re Here and I’m a Mess
Release Date: February 1, 2008
Genre: Folk
Ohio singer-songwriter Shane Piasecki’s last full-length album came out in 2005 and was called All for Coffee. Less than three years later, the You’re Here and I’m a Mess EP is out with 7 brand new tracks, produced by Nolan Rossi. Piasecki’s EP is a mix of songs mostly above love that rest on his voice and personal experiences.

As a whole, the songs don’t stray too much from the acoustic formula of vocals and guitar. The strongest track is perhaps the title one, “You’re Here and I’m a Mess”, a mid-tempo piece with a slight country twang thanks to the guitars, while the weakest tune might be “Money Girl” because of the repetitiveness of the chorus that expresses Piasecki’s longing for material wealth.

Overall, the disc is just a taste of what Piasecki can do – so if you’re into singer-songwriters who tend towards the pop or lighter side of the sound spectrum, then You’re Here and I’m a Mess is for you. While it won’t necessarily stand out in your memory for a long time, it’s a nice effort with simple but not extremely original lyrics.

Writer: Stephanie Ng Wan

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