The Afters

Album Title: Never Going Back to Ok
Release Date: 2008
Genre: Rock
Since their major label debut in 2002 with I Wish We All Could Win, Texas based band The Afters have had huge success with their powerful pop/rock anthems and three years later, have finished their sophomore release entitled Never Going Back To Ok. Their single from their last album, “Beautiful Love”, garnered attention as the theme song for MTV’s 8th & Ocean and got them New Artist of the Year at the 2006 GMA Dove Awards. This popularity of performing timeless rock songs and now including a variety of melodic, softer songs on their latest album has no doubt impressed fans with their versatility.

The band are never quiet about speaking in relation to what they’re learned on the road. While they do provide a little tongue-in-cheek with the song, “MySpace Girl”, they also get deeper on other songs on the album. The lyrics seem to reflect a vision of moving forward and making a difference in the world and in your life. Lead vocalist Josh Havens’ strong emphasis on lyrics breaking through the beat really makes you think about the words that he’s singing. With lyrics like, “Tonight we’re gonna put it all behind”, in the song “Tonight” and “never going back to easy/never going back to the way it was/” in their title track “Never Going Back To Ok”, the band conveys the message that moving forward is the only option to overcome whatever is holding us down.

Writer: Paul Whitfield

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