Michael Landon Jr.

Album Title: Love's Unending Legacy
Release Date: April 2007
Genre: Drama
Janette Oke’s best selling book series has made it to the small screen once again with Love’s Unending Legacy and this time we get to track Missy (Erin Cottrell) as a new family is created where she least expected it. The faith in God that is weaved through these films is a welcome tone to the small screen, and the character of Clark Davis (Dale Midkiff) has been a welcome staple to these Michael Landon Jr. flicks doing an excellent job of upholding solid rock confidence in God and His redemptive plan, and has been the tie that has held the stories together as many of the other actors chose to forgo their roles with each coming film. I was partial to January Jones playing Missy in Love’s Enduring Promise, but did find that Erin Cottrell did her best work in the Love’s Long Journey. Marty Davis (Katherine Heigl) was also missed in this film and replaced by Samantha Smith, who had a great peace to her character, but rubbed out the great edge Katherine Heigl brought to the role. The change up made an environment that was supposed to be familiar, unfamiliar. We were left reminding ourselves that she was Maddie’s grandma instead of enjoying the familiarity of “grandma and grandpa’s house”.

The new man on the scene, Sheriff Zach Tyler (Victor Browne) and Missy’s relationship seemed all too quick to form, but perhaps that was just a part of living in a pioneer town. The star performances that made Love’s Unending Legacy interesting and authentic was the orphaned Belinda Marshall (Holliston Coleman) and her on screen brother Jacob Marshall (Braeden Lemasters). The scenes where she is bringing him bread as he’s left staying as a near slave in the Pettis house are breathtaking and worthy of big screen attention. The performance of Mr. Pettis (Dave Florek) and Mrs. Pettis (Stephanie Nash) were great villains and portrayed their roles with passion and authenticity. If you’re a fan of the books and the films, I would say giving this film a go is worth it, but perhaps some fans will agree, that the first two films was were the authenticity has remained. Perhaps with Michael Landon Jr. writing the script for the upcoming Love's Unfolding Dream things will take an interesting turn.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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