Brandi Carlile

Album Title: The Story
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Alt-Country
Seattle native Brandi Carlile has a signature to her alt country vocals. Some have compared her to Janis Joplin, which I can see on title track “The Story” and the hammock worthy narratives of Ray LaMontagne; breezy and smooth. Yet, I have to say, there is a tartness to Carlile’s lyrics, a bittersweetness that breaks through the surface just slightly that gives her music just the edge audiences seem to be looking for these days.

Maybe it’s that many of the songs were written at different periods of her life, such as the track “Turpentine” which Carlile wrote as a teenager. Or the track “Cannonball” which Carlile sings with Amy Ray and Emily Saliers of The Indigo Girls. With the many nuances in The Story, it’s safe to say Carlile is an artist that is among those who have not forsaken the craft of songwriting and have made the recent music scene a better thing for it.

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Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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