David Crowder Band

Album Title: The Remedy
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Pop/Rock
It amazes me to hear how David Crowder Band brings simplicity and uniqueness to every song they compose and work with, especially the finely crafted title track "The Remedy". David has incredible writing skills that lead you to a love of the language he has found to express the imagery of his experience with Jesus and how He leaves us in awe of all He does. “The Glory Of It All” has no periods, no breaks, it’s like a consistent prayer saying in the chorus, “Oh, the glory of it all/is He came here/For the rescue of us all/That we may live/For the glory of it all/Oh, the glory of it all”.

Many of Crowder’s songs are not just about the simple and powerful prayers lifted up to God, but are also to get the crowd actually experiencing the excitement of knowing what God’s done, the joy if you will. “Can You Feel It?” echoes that vibe and does so with samplings and a kicking drum beat and the lyrics, “When we can’t see You there/When We can’t comprehend that You are there/You are there/You’re everywhere…Our God is here/We believe You’re here.” He takes the questions, the experience, the fulfillment and brings it to the front of his music and pops in brilliant samples and Super Mario sounding sounds just because they sound cool. What more can you ask for? Not much. The Remedy also shows a great banner on its cover art which says “Let us be the remedy”, which essentially is the mission to be Christ’s hands and feet on this earth; a call to change and bring the light in the darkness we see. One of the best message albums of 2007.

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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